wtorek, 5 lutego 2013

Touristic side of Iran- Tehran

Iran, as a touristic destination is a very underestimated country, most of the people hearing that someone would like to go to Iran voluntarily, usually question his or her sanity.
For sure it's "merit" of ayatollahs and clergy governing this beautiful country.
Fortunately, the views of the majority of Iranians are far from the standards imposed by the conservative government, which makes traveling around Iran and contact with its people  real pleasure. Persian culture is one of the most ancient in the world, and until today it remains a lot of great proofs of its greatness, however the most captivating thing while travelling to Iran is an unique hospitality of Iranians.

I gathered some opinions of Polish travellers, after their holidays in Iran. Here we go :) .

As you know, it's a capital of Iran . Kinda chaotic, but friendly and rather opened. Omnipresent smog might rasp on fragile lungs. Every tourist shall see the museum of carpets, museums of jewels and charming parks, where the trees give a shelter from the sun. From Tehran we've also got a beautiful view of Damavand mountains- a great place for hiking.

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